Sofiyska Voda with Award for Innovative Corporate GIS

21 November 2011

On the thirteenth World Day of Geographic Information Systems celebrated in Bulgaria on November 17th, Sofiyska Voda was awarded for Innovative Corporate GIS for integrated management of the WSS infrastructure.

At the official ceremony the achievement award in the category Corporate Projects for Engineering Infrastructure was awarded by the Chairman of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission Angel Semerdzhiev to the General Commercial Proxy of Sofiyska Voda – Jean Salessy. Mr Semedzhiev stated that it was a pleasure for him to award Sofiyska Voda because of the high level of transparency in Company’s activity and the actual implementation of the commitments made. Jean Salessy thanked for the award and stated it was a great recognition for Sofiyska Voda, for the dedication and professionalism of the GIS team managed by Milko Velichkov and the IT team of the company. Sofiyska Voda, being a member of the Group of Veolia Water is a good motivating factor for the Bulgarian WSS sector in the field of implementation of high technologies. The company works permanently for the creation and implementation of innovative solutions for providing services at European level to its customers, Mr Salessy also said.

The project with which Sofiyska Voda won the high award is for the optimization of the work with software for geospatial data management. The new system introduces innovative GIS technologies and best engineering practices providing quick and easy electronic access to all technical and operational data for the physical assets maintained by Sofiyska Voda – the whole water supply and sewerage networks and all facilities across them (reservoirs, pumping and chlorination stations, pressure reducing valves, hydrants, overflow spillway, shafts, etc.). The company uses GIS in many spheres of its activity. The system provides actual and accurate data to the different units of Sofiyska Voda, thus decreasing the response time in emergency situations, shortening the terms for connection of new customers to the WSS system and for provision of technical services to the citizens and the business.

With the updated GIS, Sofiyska Voda JSC meets the challenge to achieve maximum accuracy of the existing already considerable volume of data and its proper use at business process management. Another main role of the system is connected with the option for optimum sharing of the data for the WSS assets in GIS and transparency of the Company’s work for the regulatory body, institutions, the citizens and the business.

Sofiyska Voda JSC has started implementing its Geographic Information System since the beginning of the Concession Agreement and it is the first WSS Company in the country with established GIS system covering the whole serviced territory. For the development of its GIS in 2002 Sofiyska Voda was ranked third and awarded with a diploma by ESRI Bulgaria for contribution at the implementation of the GIS technologies in the country, and in 2006 at the ninth World GIS Day the Company was awarded in the competition for the best map.
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