Sofiyska Voda and the Municipality of Sofia opened the first four restored street fountains

10 May 2012

Deputy Mayor Todor Chobanov, Jean Salessy, General Commercial proxy of Sofiyska Voda and Mariana Iteva – Director for Veolia Water for Bulgaria and Administrative Director of Sofiyska Voda opened officially today (May 10th, 2012) one of the four repaired street fountains in the center of the city. This is a part of the joint pilot project between the Municipality of Sofia and Sofiyska Voda JSC for repairing and restoring the public fountains in Sofia.

At the end of November last year a joint pilot project between the Municipality of Sofia and Sofiyska Voda was officially started for the repair and renovation of the public fountains in Sofia. The fountain near the National Art Gallery was prepared for the winter through a special street art packing. Today the construction was removed, and the fountain is again in operation for the spring and summer months. A team from the Laboratory Testing Complex of Sofiyska Voda made tests and assured the guests present in the excellent qualities of the water running from the fountain.

During the event there was classical music live performance, and according to scientific theories this charges the water with positive energy.   

The other three fountains, which were repaired and restored within the project, are:

The fountain in the garden in front of Kristal – MoS – Sredets region;

The fountain in the garden between the pylons and small parking lot near the NPC – MoS – Traditsa region;

The fountain near the underground station at the SU St. Kliment Ohridski (near the monument of the Soviet Army) – MoS – Sredets region.

Being a socially responsible company and a part of the big family of Veolia Water, Sofiyska Voda has the opportunity to apply the best practices in the sphere of the WSS services, the ecology and the development of the society.

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