Minister Delyan Dobrev made sure that the Beli Iskar Dam is reliable

23 May 2012

In the late afternoon yesterday Delyan Dobrev, Minister of the Economy, Energy and Tourism visited Beli Iskar Dam, supplying water to one-fourth of the capital, together with Dobromir Simidchiev, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Irina Savina, Deputy mayor on Construction and Mariana Iteva – the Administrative Director of Sofiyska Voda and Director of Veolia Voda for Bulgaria.

They got acquainted with the alpine hydro-technical facility and made sure that it is in good technical order after the earthquake of May 22nd in West Bulgaria. The specialists of Sofiyska Voda showed on the site to all present at the inspection the system used for monitoring the reliability of the dam wall and the protection systems in cases of natural disasters. The technical measures undertaken by the Concessionaire in 2006, laying a special membrane on the inside of the dam wall, decrease the infiltration and increase the reliability. In addition to the injected concrete into the foundation of the dam wall, there are built-in sensors, which in real time through a computer system monitor the possible vertical and horizontal deviations and make possible the opportune actions, if necessary. Minister Dobrev and the present were afforded the opportunity to see the records, registered and entered by the system in the night, after 3 am on May 22nd, and also to go into the tunnels of the wall in order to see the security systems functioning below the dam wall.

The Beli Iskar dam is public state property, but as former municipal property it is assigned for maintenance and operation to the Concessionaire – Sofiyska Voda. The facility, which currently stores half of its full volume, is a part of the water supply system of Sofia and the Concession Area, and together with the water from Iskar Dam ensures high-quality potable water to the capital and the settlements around it. Sofiyska Voda is a part of the Veolia Water Group and the Municipality of Sofia is also a shareholder in the concession. The Company provides BGN 240 million investments in the city water system in the period 2008 – 2013 and it aims at the constant increase of the quality of the provided services.
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