The team of Levski won the cup of Sofiyska Voda at a children’s football tournament

18 September 2012

Jean Salessy, Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda, and Vladimir Galabov, Communications Senior Manager at the Company, awarded talented children who participated in the 12th Children and Football tournament for the cup of Sofiyska Voda, which took place at Sportna Sofia complex in Borisova Gradina park. The participants are from eight football teams in Sofia: Levski, Slavia, Lokomotiv Sofia, Lokomotiv 101, Septemvri, Lyulin and Obelya.

After a contested match and penalties, the team of Levski won the final against CSKA with 4:2 and was awarded by Svilen Neykov, Minister of Physical Education and Sports. Svetoslav Kolev, the champions’ coach, also received an individual award for best coach at the tournament.

CSKA ranked second and was awarded by Doncho Barbalov, Deputy Mayor of Sofia. The children from Lokomotiv Sofia ranked third and were awarded by Jean Salessy, Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda. He also awarded Filip Krystev from the team of Slavia, the goal scorer of the tournament.

Obelya ranked fourth, Slavia – fifth, Lyulin – sixth, Septemvri – seventh and Lokomotiv 101 – eight.

Jean Salessy, Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda, was awarded by the organizers for outstanding contribution to the implementation of the tournament.

The initiative of Sofiyska Voda, part of Veolia Water Group, is aimed at promoting sports. The children’s’ football tournament is part of the Children and Football national program and has been organized for the 12th year in a row by the Bulgarian Football Association with the support of Sofiyska Voda.
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