Investment Projects

investment projects
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Sofiyska Voda is already implementing its investment programme for the period 2009-2013, which amounts to BGN 240 million.

According to the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Regulation Act, the investment programme is part of the company’s Business Plan approved by the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.

Investments in Sofia’s water supply and sewerage system by the end of 2009 amount to more than BGN 50 million. This is almost two times as much as the investments made in 2008 (BGN 25.4 million), and almost three times as much as the ones in 2007 (BGN 17.9 million).

Investment Priorities:

  • Extension of the Water and Sewerage network following the model settled in the City Development Plan of Sofia Municipality
  • High quality of services including discharge and treatment of the wastewater according to the EU standards
  • Well developed sewerage infrastructure according to the EU standards
  • Implementation of the requirements following the quality standards for wastewater and sludge treatment.
  • Preservation and improvement of environment


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