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Krassimir KostadinovEmployee of the Year

Sofiyska Voda implements a scheme to encourage the accomplishments of its employees. It was created with idea to award the personal achievements. The golden star is selectedevery month from various nominations from the different units within the company, Every three months we award Team of the 3 month. At the end of the year Employee of the year and Team of the year are selected from all receivers of the monthly awards.

Krassimir Kostadinov from ‘External Water Supply’ Department is awarded with "Employee of the Year" Award for his active participation in the planned water supply interruptions of the Rila Main. Krassimir has walked stooped 9000 meters inside the confined space of the water main. With his actions Krassi has helped to reduce considerably the time for dismounting and mounting of stop valves with diameter 600 – 800 mm that weigh about one ton.
Golden Star was awarded also to Andrei Andreev from ‘Billing’ Department for a developed database that improved the quality and the speed of the work in the team. Andrei has developed the project outside of business hours on his own initiative.  

Team of the Year is the representative team of Sofiyska Voda at the Field Event 2013 for the excellent team work and demonstrated high sportsmanship. For a second consecutive year the sportsmen in the company won the championship in the overall ranking at the biggest sports forum of the companies in the WSS sector in Bulgaria. In team and individual tournaments at the tenth field event competed Yovian Yonkov, Rossen Naidenov, Dimitar Manassiev, Svetlozar Vichev, Krassimir Simeonov, Ivailo Lazarov, Todor Mechkarski, Adriyan Georgiev, Georgi Kovachev, Vesselin Ivanov, Plamen Zelenkov, Kiril Manolov, Ivan Prisoev, Zoya Despotova, Milena Staikova, Kristina Yonkova, Petya Ilieva, Krassimir Krastev, Georgi Doichev, Teodora Pakuleva, Miryana Paunova, Tsvetozar Nikolov, Kiril Sokolov, Gabriela Mercore, Iliya Tsvetkov, Radoslav Kaladzhiev, Mariyana Gerenska, Ralitsa Hristova, Valentina Bachvarova, Kamelia Nikolova, Ivo Iliev, Biser Todorov and Anton Gochev.



Teodora PakulevaSewer System Analysis and Hydraulic Modeling Manager

Teodora is Master of Science in Water Supply and Sewerage from the University of Construction, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. At the moment she is finishing her Masters Degree in Business Administration from the UNWE. In 2006 she joined the team of Sofiyska Voda as a trainee in Sewer System Modeling Unit. The department works on the preparation of data base for graphical presentation of the sewerage network in the city, the inspection and evaluation of sewers and facilities, the establishment of a hydraulic model and the preparation of a common strategy for development of the sewerage system. In 2010 she took over the management of Sewer Hydraulic Modeling Unit with the ambitious task to complete and update the hydraulic models in the city of Sofia.

Rossen NajdenovSewerage Technical Manager

Rossen graduated from the Sofia High School in Construction, Architecture and Geodesy, with a major in Architecture and Construction. He continued his education in the UACEG in Sofia . He is a Master of Science in Water Supply and Sewerage and has specialized in Water Supply Systems and Structures and Water Treatment and Masters Degree in Business Administration from the UNWE. While he was still a student he started an internship in Sofiyska Voda AD in Operations and Maintenance Directorate. A few months later he was transferred to Sewerage Unit and as of September 2010 he has held the position of Sewerage Junior Technical Manager. “Sofiyska Voda provides the opportunity to develop in the field of my education and to communicate with people of the same profession, as well as to develop leadership skills. The dynamics and the need for quick decisions when solving issues in Sewerage Unit are a challenge for me.”

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