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Metodi VeselinksiFailures and Maintenance department

Sofiyska Voda implements a scheme to encourage the accomplishments of its employees. It was created with idea to award the personal achievements. The golden star is selectedevery month from various nominations from the different units within the company, Every three months we award Team of the 3 month. At the end of the year Employee of the year and Team of the year are selected from all receivers of the monthly awards.

The first Gold Star for 2016 was given for the fast, adequate and life-saving reaction of Metodi Veselinksi (Failures and Maintenance department). After Metodi saw symptoms for heart-arrest, shown by a colleague, in the fastest way he managed to provide him with medical assistance.

As the team for first quarter was determined a team of 10 colleagues from 3 different departments, who worked on a project for survey of territories defined as parks and gardens. These colleagues are Radoslav Kaladzhiev, Angel Georgiev (Asset Management), Gergana Mizarchiyska, Rosen Naydenov, Kiril Kirilov, Vladimir Chipchiev, Tsvetelin Stefanov and Raycho Radenkov (Sewerage Services), Yordan Yordanov and Dimitar Kolev (Unaccounted-for-water)

The project was implemented within 4 months, territories, defined as parks and gardens, were surveyed which are public municipal property. It was implemented also with the participation of representatives of Concession and Concession Monitoring Unit  in Municipality of Sofia.



Eng. Krassimir KrastevControl Center Senior Manager

Krassimir has Master’s Degrees in Electronics from Angel Kanchev University of Ruse and in Thermal Engineering from the Technical University of Sofia. He has a certificate of WSS Sector Management from the University of National and World Economy. In 2002, Krassimir Krastev joined the team of Sofiyska Voda as a Revenue Meters Replacement Specialist. For several years he held several positions - Revenue Meters Replacement Specialist, Water Network Modelling Specialist, Construction Supervision Specialist; in 2009 he became manager of the Construction Supervision Department, and at the start of 2014 he became Control Center Senior Manager.

Maria Shirletova, PhDContracts Manager

Maria started working at Sofiyska Voda as a specialist at the Procurement Department in 2006. For several years she continued her development as a manager at the Engineering and Construction Works Directorate, where she was in charge of the preparation, negotiation and conclusion of contracts for delivery of the main materials for the company. In November 2013, she took on another challenge in her career and joined the team of the Operations and Maintenance Directorate at the position of Contracts Manager. Maria Shirletova has a Master’s Degree in Transport Economics and PhD in Economics and Management from the University of National and World Economy.

Eng. Valentina BachvarovaReactive Fieldwork Manager

Valya joined the company as an intern in Water Meter Sealing in the summer of 2008 and in a few months she was promoted to supervisor of the department. In April 2010, she was appointed at the position of Revenue Meters Supervisor, organizing the work of the newly-formed team of survey and update of the revenue meters of Sofiyska Voda. At the start of 2013, Valentina Bachvarova became Reactive Fieldwork Manager. The team of the department aims to decrease unaccounted-for water and to increase the actually read water volumes, and at the same time Valya participates in several key projects of the Network Management Directorate. Valentina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management and Master’s Degree in Production and Operations Management from the Technical University of Sofia.

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