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Once again Sofiyska Voda AD will be installing mobile taps on Vitosha Blvd.

07 August 2017

Due to the high August temperatures Sofiyska Voda initiated a second campaign for distributing clean potable water in the center of the capital. On August 7, 8 and 9 the citizens of Sofia and guests of the city can drink water from the already familiar watermen – temporary installations fully made of the materials of which the water network has been constructed.

Sofiyska Voda is working actively during the summer vacation months on significant projects for the city’s WSS system

31 July 2017

The biggest one is in Gorublyane residential quarter and is with value 1,980,000 BGN. The project started at the end of May and is expected to be completed in January, 2018. For the first time sewerage is being built and an existing water main is being replaced, which solves chronical problems in that quarter. The storm drain completed last year already prevents the risk of frequent flooding during heavy rains in that part of the residential area.

Sofiyska Voda gives out cups of water in the center of Sofia

25 July 2017

Traditionally, during some of the hottest days in July Sofiyska Voda provides clean drinking water in the center of the city. Residents and guests of the capital may drink water from specially manufactured for that purpose “water men”. The latter are made of materials, used for the construction of Sofia water network.

How one WSS operator contributes to reducing the environmental imprint? The example set by Sofiyska Voda

05 July 2017

Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, invests systematic efforts for reducing the environmental imprint and the results are visible, Mr. Stanislav Stanev, Operations and Maintenance Director, said during the 8th Annual Green Forum organized by Manager magazine with the participation of companies such as Coca Cola HBC, BMW, Saint Gobain Bulgaria, Telenor Bulgaria and Zagorka AD. Thanks to the investments, innovations and the smart solutions, since 2010 Sofiyska Voda has reduced the water losses from 60.4% to 49.8% for 2015. This means that 50 m3 of water, or this is three times more than the volume of Beli Iskar dam, were saved to Nature. ‘This equals the consumption rate of a city with population of 700,000 citizens’, Mr. Stanev underlined.

Sofiyska Voda is among the Top Rated Service Providers in Sofia

20 June 2017

The customers value most the water quality, the continuity of the water supply, the fewer accidents and water supply cuts During the year we observe an increase in customers satisfied with the drinking water Increased satisfaction with the professionalism of the employees is also highlighted by the survey
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