Water Quality

Sofia residents drink one of the purest waters in Europe

With care to customers we have undertaken the commitment to provide a high-quality water supply service while strictly complying with the existing legislative requirements in the country.  

Customers in the capital use mainly mountain water from the Rilla Mountain, which is collected in the Beli Iskar and Iskar Dams. A small proportion of the water for Sofia is taken from local water sources in Vitosha and Plana Mountains.

The water from the Beli Iskar Dam and from the small water sources is disinfected with chlorine only, and the water from the Iskar Dam passes through several stages of treatment in the Bistritsa and Pancharevo treatment plants.

Why is chlorination required?
In order for water to be clean and potable, chlorine is added to it. With chlorination, the quantity of the chlorine in water is high enough to eliminate harmful microorganisms and at the same time low enough to be completely harmless to human health. This is the oldest and most proven method of potable water disinfection.

 Stages of Water Treatment in the treatment plants:
1. Chlorine is added to water in order to eliminate the bacteria in it; 
 2. If necessary, reagent (coagulant) is added, and through it the undissolved substances in water are consolidated and are easily held by the filters in the subsequent stage of treatment;
3. Water is filtered through a layer of quartz sand;
4. Water is again chlorinated at the outlet of the plant. This ensures optimal content of residual chlorine, which is required in order to prevent secondary bacterial pollution of water

We strictly control the water parameters along its whole way to the customers. This control is exercised by the accredited Laboratory Testing Complex of Sofiyska Voda AD in partnership with Sofia Regional Inspectorate on Public Health Protection and Control. In this way all water quality parameters are strictly monitored and they are fully compliant with the legislative requirements in the country set in Ordinance 9/16.03.2001 of the Ministry of Environment and Water adapted to the European Directive on the water quality.

If you have some suspicions about the water quality in your home, you can obtain information or submit a signal to our Call Center at telephone number 0700 121 21.
The most frequent reason for worsening of the water quality parameters is the old plumbing installation of the building. The owners of the residential buildings take care of its setting in order and maintenance pursuant to Ordinance 4 on the order and procedure for connecting customers and the use of water supply and sewerage systems issued by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works dated 14.09.2004.

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