Sofiyska Voda AD is constructing a section of the sewer network in the Sofia residential quarter Simeonovo

15 March 2018

In the implementation of its investment program, approved as part of Business Plan 2017-2021, Sofiyska Voda AD began the construction of a new trunk sewer branch (655 m) in Simeonovo r.q., on Izvor Str. and Shumako Str. (from Izvor Str. to Prof. Dim. Paskov Str.).

A 500m old steel water main on Izvor Str. will be replaced, as well.

The project is with projected value 1.4 mln. BGN.

The construction of this sewer branch and the reconstruction of the water main are a continuation of the expansion of the sewer network agreed with MoS, as well as of the program for improvement of the water supply and reduction of the water losses in Simeonovo r.q., the company has been working on systematically for the past 10 years.

From 2009 to 2017 Sofiyska Voda AD invested in the residential quarter 5.8 mln. BGN for the construction of sewers and 2.7 mln. BGN for the replacement of aged water mains with a low flow rate.

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