The Laboratory of Sofiyska Voda Will Analyze Uranium in the Water

03 April 2018

In March the experience and knowledge of the specialists from the Laboratory Testing Complex of Sofiyska Voda AD added to the portfolio of accredited tests also microbiological analyses of sludge and products used in the water treatment, such as bleach and ferric chloride. LTC also proved that it was capable of measuring accurately the existence of uranium as a chemical element. The scope of the accreditation was also complemented by analyses of organic pollutants and elements, so the laboratory will now be able to meet the needs of the customers, offering high-quality services of an even broader range.

Vesela Stefanova, Senior Manager of the Laboratory Testing Complex shares: “Water is essential for life and is a source of health. Me and my colleagues guarantee that the water in Sofia has excellent quality characteristics and is among the best not only in Bulgaria, but also in the entire Europe. The control over the high quality of the potable water in Sofia is one of the activities of Sofiyska Voda we could be proud of”.

Each year the laboratory is taking around 2,000 control samples from the points for monitoring the customers’ water supply network and around 40,000 analyses are performed on the samples. The quality of the potable water is monitored by the LTC along its entire route, from the Iskar and Beli Iskar dams, the treatment process and the supply to the homes of the citizens of Sofia, all year around, by means of over 140,000 analyses of 8,000 samples.

A special application has been created for the citizens of Sofia, where they could track the water quality.

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