Two of the customer service centers will be closed

19 April 2018

As of April 25 the Customer Service Centers in Krasno Selo r.q. and on 30 Han Krum Str. will stop operating. This is part of the undertaken large-scale restructuring and technical upgrade, where new big and modernized centers were opened on key locations throughout the capital:

- Lyulin 7 r.q., 15 Tsaritsa Yoanna Blvd., Mega Mall Building;
- Mladost 4 r.q., Business Park, Building 2A;
- 2 Maria Luiza Blvd., on the ground floor of TZUM. (The CSC will start working shortly)

The new CSCs allow functional separation of the services offered, sparing time and increasing visitors’ comfort. They have dedicated desks for payment of bills and fees, for the provision of fast services and information and for requesting services. The electronic system operating inside monitors the order of service and prevents the formation of queues.

Sofiyska Voda is the only company which has a Mobile Customer Service Center for all suburban areas of the city.
You may obtain more information on the 24-hour free phone line - 0800 121 21.

What kind of water do we drink Customer Service Center Mega Mall Lyulin   
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