How the quality of water in each single region of MoS is checked

25 May 2018

Sofiyska Voda maintains an online platform that provides up-to-date information about the quality of water in all regions of MoS. The platform gives direct access to the reports from the last taken samples and the results from the tests of the potable water within three groups of indicators: physicochemical,organoleptic and microbiological.

The company reminds that the potable water is subject to constant monitoring including taking of test samples from the water sources, the entry of the treatment plants, the exit to the water supply network,as well as separately from 78 more different points along the water network. At an annual basis, the Laboratory Testing Complex of Sofiyska Voda performs over 140 000 analysis  of 8000 samples. The preciseness and the credibility of the tests are guaranteed by the internarial accreditation of the laboratory, certified under BDS EN ISO 17025:2006.  

The results of all water analysis in Sofia until the present moment confirm that the potable water supplied to the consumers within the MoS area is with excellent characteristics and meets all requirements of the Water quality Ordinance in Bulgaria.

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