Sofiyska Voda in dialogue with residents from MoS – Iskar region. This is the first of the series of planned meetings on the territory of the Municipality of Sofia

01 June 2018

Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, launched an initiative aimed at hearing the opinion of Sofia residents on the provided services. The first meeting was held with the residents of Iskar region with the cooperation and hosting of MoS – Iskar region.

“The entire WSS infrastructure is ownership of the Municipality of Sofia and Sofia residents, and every citizen may come and get familiar with it”, with these words Arnaud Valleteau, the Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda, invited the residents of Iskar region to get familiar with the facilities during the open meeting, which was attended also by Mrs. Lorita Radeva, the chair of the standing committee on environmental protection, agriculture and forests with the Sofia City Council, Mrs. Lilia Hristova, Ombudsman of the Municipality of Sofia, Ivaylo Tsekov, Mayor of MoS – Iskar region, and residents.

 “Through a number of different open meetings, we would like to be close to the people, to hear the voice of our customers and residents of the Municipality of Sofia and in line with their recommendations – to continue to improve our services”, commented Vasil Trenev, Deputy Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda.

In the period 2011 – 2017 Sofiyska Voda invested BGN 2.4 m in Iskar region, which encompasses Druzhba 1, Druzhba 2 and Busmnatsi, thus implementing projects for 4.7 km of water pipes and 0.5 km of sewers. As a result of the improvements in the WSS network, the statistics show that the complaints of the residents in the region have drastically decreased. Nevertheless, the company management listened carefully to the residents from the region and answered their questions. The Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda Arnaud Valleteau shared that the company makes investments of 40 M BGN per yеаr although the price of the services in Sofia is the fourth lowest in Bulgaria. “We will continue to invest in the WSS network and improve our services because we really insist on providing high quality services to our customers and making them satisfied with our service”, the Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda was explicit.

Answers were given to the questions, asked by the residents in relation to specific issues concerning the activity of the company and its services.

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