Vassil Trenev is the new CEO of Sofiyska Voda

14 June 2018

Vassil Trenev is chosen for the position of chief executive officer of Sofiyska voda, operated by Veolia. He succeeds the position from Mr. Arnaud Valleteau de Moulliac.

„We will continue to establish Sofiyska voda as the best and the most modern Water and Sewerage operator in Bulgaria. And most importantly – we will continue to maintain the excellent water quality, the professional services and of course to maintain the trust of our clients. We will incorporate more successful and innovative practices of Veolia and our team is motivated to continue working as devoted in the name of our customers”, commented Vassil Trenev, the new chief executive officer of Sofiyska voda.

Before taking the executive position of Sofiyska voda, Mr. Trenev has been a deputy executive officer of the company for a year and a half. He has a rich professional experience in the field of management of financial and commercial organizations. He has held various positions in Municipal Bank, United Bulgarian Bank, Encouragement Bank - Sofia and other. He has graduated from the Technical in Sofia and the South-West University in Blagoevgrad.

Mr. Arnaud Valleteau, the previous chief executive officer of Sofiyska voda stays deputy executive officer of Veolia for Bulgaria until 16 July 2018. Afterwards he will join Veolia Water Technologies as a director of Municipal design and construction activities for France, Belgium and Sweden. Veolia Water Technologies is a subsidiary company of Veolia, specialized in water purification and full range of services needed for the design, construction, maintenance and renovation of water and wastewater treatment plants for industrial customers and public authorities.

The strategic management of Sofiyska voda is determined by the Council of Directors whose members are representatives of the shareholders, Veolia and Sofia Municipality – Frederic Faroche, Francois Debergh, Vassil Trenev, Mariana Iteva, Vladimir Stratiev, Milena Tzenova, Biser Damyanski.

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