The Management of Sofiyska Voda AD in a Dialogue with the Residents of Lulin Region

29 June 2018

The company is conducting a number of meetings with Sofia residents

At a meeting with the community in the region the management of Sofyska Voda stated that the water mains in Lulin Region that were replaced by Sofiyska Voda over the last 6 years were 9 km to the amount of more than 3 M BGN. Almost 1.5 km was the constructed sewer network, which cost more than 1,200,000 M BGN. The meeting was attended by residents of Lulin Region, representataives of the regional administration and the management of Sofiyska Voda.  
“We have set high objectives in the name of the better quality of the services which we supply to our customers,” said the Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda Vasil Trenev at the opening of the meeting. “We are here to hear you and to make sure that we prioritize properly the tasks we are dealing with, as well as where we should put more efforts,” he added.
The discussion focused mainly on the individual and revenue meters and the attending representatives of the local business received more detailed information about the services affecting investment projects.

“The water we drink In Sofia is among the best in terms of its quality characteristics in Europe. On an annual basis we make more than 140,000 analyses. Water is controlled along the entire route, from Iskar and Beli Iskar dams, through the treatment process and the supply to the customers,” said Stanislav Stanev, Operations and Maintenance Director in Sofiyska Voda AD.

It is the second from a number of meetings with Sofia residents, which the company conducts in 2018. The aim is to give the customers the opportunity to raise their questions openly and receive responses personally from the management of Sofiyska Voda AD, operated by Veolia Group.

“Thank you all for accepting our invitation. I hope that we will continue this dialogue as it will help our work and it is the best contact with the customers – face to face,“ said at the end of the meeting the Executivie Director of Sofiyska Voda Vasil Trenev.

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