Sofiyska Voda AD is completing a strategic project in the village of Marchaevo

21 August 2018

Sofiyska Voda completed one of its strategic projects – increasing the volume of water supplied through the mains to the village of Marchaevo.

Considering the development of the region in the past few years, the residents of the village near Sofia often faced water supply interruptions, especially in the summer months, as well as low water pressure. The replacement of the water mains will secure the water supply to the village and the inconvenience will no longer be on the agenda.

The project for a new water main started last year, when 660 meters of pipes were replaced, and this summer another 1,600 m will be constructed. The value of the project is 150,000 BGN.

In the next 2 years Sofiyska Voda is planning to implement a project which should separate the water supply to Vladaya village from that of the village of Marchaevo, since both have been supplied so far by a common water main. In this way both residential areas will be completely independent from one another and the risk of failure in the water supply or low potable water pressure will be significantly reduced.

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