The operation of the first of the three energy hearts of Sofiyska Voda has started

22 August 2018

In recent years Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, has striven hard and invested in innovative projects, which turn systematically Sofia Wastewater Treatment Plant (SWWTP) near Kubratovo in a site – a leading example for the circular economy among 3,000 similar sites of the Group worldwide.

The three co-generators, installed in 2009, each with electrical power of 1,063 kW, run on biogas obtained in the treatment of wastewater drained on the territory of Municipality of Sofia. Due to this “green electricity” the treatment plant has become self-sufficient in energy for a long time despite the huge amount of energy needed for the continuous technological process. At present, around 24% more energy is produced as compared to the energy needed for the process, and the energy in excess is sold at the free electricity market.  

The three generators operated at SWWTP in Kubratovo have run the 60,000 machine hours, technologically determined for them, and generated more than 160,000 MWh of electricity, thus avoiding the emission of more than 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere each year. At present, Sofiyska Voda performs a stage-by-stage repair of the facilities. In fact, the 20-valve internal combustion engine is in Austria for an overhaul, as the main components of the engines, which have been in operation constantly over the last 9 years, will be replaced.

After being dismounted, the generator unit will be inspected in Varna, and the overhaul of the engines is performed, certified and warrantied by the Austrian manufacturer (the dismounting of the first from the three engines can be seen on the photo/s).

Veolia is a global leader in the area of environmental services in three business lines – water, energy and waste processing. The company shares and applies in its activity the modern philosophy of circular economy and views upon each piece of waste as a resource. The ambition of Sofiyska Voda, as part of the Group, is to turn into an energy-neutral WSS operator, meaning that it plans to produce more energy than it uses for its overall business.

In 2018 Sofiyska Voda was distinguished with a special award for green investment at the national competition “Bulgaria’s Greenest Companies” for implementation of innovations at the treatment plant.
SWWTP Kubratovo received recognition for considerable contribution in the WSS sector, with a special focus on innovation in the reduction of the energy consumption and the circular economy, at the Sixth Annual WEX Awards (Water and Energy Exchange) in Lisbon. In the prestigious international platform companies were recognized in nine different categories. Sofiyska Voda won the prize for potable and wastewater management.

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