Sofiyska Voda invests to ensure another 50 years of useful life for sections from key water mains and sewers

24 August 2018

In the hot August days Sofiyska Voda is implementing projects from its investment program, which reduce the inconveniences for Sofia residents during planned repairs. Two of them are on boulevards with heavy traffic and of particular importance for two of the key WSS services in the capital - rehabilitation of the water mains and rehabilitation of the sewers. This takes place without destroying the road surface and by shortening also the time for implementation.

On Arsenalski Blvd. (from Zornitsa St. block 29 to Nikola Kozlev St., block 45) repairs of the egg-shaped sewer branch for domestic wastewater - 500/750 mm are under way. They are carried out by using the modern “cured-in place pipe” technology, which is also referred to in the professional slang as “sock”. The trenchless technology allows precise work underground without destruction of the road surface. After sewer survey, inspection and experts’ opinion, specialists from Sofiyska Voda planned precisely the stages of the rehabilitation, which ensures another 50 years of service life for the old or damaged facilities.

The relatively flat section of Arsenalski Blvd. required very a intense cleaning of inert materials that blocked it (paving stones, chunks of asphalt and sand deposits) before starting the major task for insertion of the lining in three stages through the existing manholes on the boulevard. After the cleaning the flexible pipe with the adequate length is unpacked and fixed to a special winch. The material is pulled and inserted between the two manholes. After laying the flexible pipe, which is impregnated with polyester resin with built-in fiber glass threads in the repaired sections, it is inflated under pressure in order to fix it to the walls of the sewer. Finally, a special device is placed underground to “cure” the material with a system of powerful ultraviolet lamps.

Today and on Saturday the company will rehabilitate, actually construct again two sections of 100 meters each by coating internally the main steel water pipe with diameter of 900 mm. The facility is key for the supply of potable water to one of the main reservoirs in the central urban part – Lozenets reservoir, which was commissioned in 1953. Cured-in place pipe technology will be used also on the west lane of Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. at the bridge of Dragalevska river in Lozenets Region in Sofia. 

The subcontractors of the two sites are the consortium Stroitelna Mehanizatsia -ABI DZZD with partners Stroitelna mechanizatsia–Kazanlak and Aktiv Building, and consortium Lozenets Rortechnik with partners - Raicommerce construction and Rohrtechnik RTi Romania.

This year Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia - the world leader in the WSS services, is to invest BGN 51.7 M in the supply and treatment of potable water which is among the best in Europe, as well as in facilities for drainage and treatment of wastewater. The implemented two projects are estimated at about BGN 650,000.

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