Sofiyska Voda announced the results of the inspection of Block 200

27 September 2018

Sofiyska Voda announced the results of the thorough inspection in Krasno Selo r.q., bl. 200, entr. 5 and 6. No leaks in the internal WSS installations have been established. There are no traces of unauthorized connection to the water supply network, either.

Sofiyska Voda will make adjustments to the customers’ bills for “common needs” as of the beginning of the year and they will be annulled.

The company already provided the opportunity for remote reading of the revenue meter. Through it real-time tracking of the readings can be prformed. Thus, in a possible ostentatious difference in the consumption prompt measures can be taken.

Experts of Sofiyska Voda met on location with the block residents. The latter were informed about the results of the inspection and the adjustment of the bills.

The present case in bl. 200 of Krasno Selo r.q. is a precedent. Nevertheless, Sofiyska Voda took the necessary measures in order to avoid similar cases in the future. The company made changes to the internal working procedures. They will allow for a quicker response in the future and for preventive and timely measures to be taken in such situations.
Sofiyska Voda is continuing its mission to supply potable water with excellent characteristics and modern services to over 1,500,000 people, as at the same time it treats responsibly and respects the rights of the customers.

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