Water may also be High-Tech

25 October 2018

The activity of Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, is related to the provision of WSS services. The company continuously seeks and implements the most modern technological solutions in order to improve its work in customer service, as well. That is the very purpose for which the integrated information system PEGASUS was created, named after the mythical winged horse; everywhere the winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, a water spring burst forth.

PEGASUS is a software platform for processing of signals submitted to Sofiyska Voda, related to water supply and sewerage. Thanks to that platform, the speed of processing and submission of technical data to the field employees has increased substantially for the last 3 years, and the efficiency and benefits for the customers accordingly. The software was created so as to allow the entire process of work to be managed in real time – from the receipt of the signal until the specific case is solved, and at every stage traceability is in place of the performance, its status and the responsible person. After a signal from citizens is received in the Control Center, the dispatchers immediately assign the jobs to the field specialists, and they in their turn receive promptly the data on their tablets. They can make checks in real time, they have connection with the GIS system, and can start the fulfilment of the assigned job. Thus, the start of the work after the receipt of the signal is within 2-3 minutes, and before that 3-5, and sometimes even 8 hours were needed for the allocation of the tasks and the receipt of the job assignments on paper by the field employees. 

The complete traceability of the information and the work on the specific signals not only ensures transparency and responsibility, but also provides another more important advantage for the dispatchers. They are already enabled to provide quick and specific information to the customers about the status of their signal.

“The implementation of Pegasus system has changed drastically not only the time for response to the received signals but also the quality of the work. It is just as if a steam locomotive is compared with a high-speed train. We are in the era of high-speed technological solutions and in the Control Center we aim at doing our best for the customers within the shortest possible time”, commented Krasimir Krastev, Senior Control Center Manager.

Each month between 1,900 and 3,400 signals are processed through the system, which means at least 100 sheets of paper less every day, and for a period of one year this is more than 40,000 sheets. The system is created specifically for the needs of Sofiyska Voda by a team of Bulgarian specialists, it covers fully the operational part of the activity of the company, and its functionalities increase continuously.   

Teodora Todorova, Project Director at Sofiyska Voda, shared, “When Pegasus was developed, our aim was to achieve higher work efficiency and effectiveness. Our activity is such that any deviation from the quality of the services has an impact on customers’ comfort, it is our responsibility to rely on higher speed and quality. We plan to continue using the opportunities provided by the new technologies and to implement various innovations not only to be at world-class level, but most of all to provide better and better services to our customers”.        

For each Sofia citizens Sofiyska Voda provides access on its website to an information center, where data can be obtained for planned water supply interruptions, the area they affect or the duration of the interruption. Since the system has a two-way function, Sofia residents can also submit signals through the information center is created to allow people who prefer electronic services to register and receive notifications for planned water supply interruptions either by SMS, or by e-mail.

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