It is time to prepare the WSS installations for the winter

23 November 2018

With the advent of the winter season Sofiyska Voda reminds its customers about the necessity for the WSS installations and the water meter shafts in the properties to be secured against freezing.
As the temperatures drop the risk of freezing of the pipes increases and for that reason it is good to know:
• In uninhabited properties the water supply must be interrupted and the installation drained.
• It is recommended for the doors and the windows of unheated premises to be insulated and closed tightly, and the building’s ceiling – well insulated.

For outdoor taps and pipes:
• They should NOT be left running or dripping – that would lead only to failures and wasting of water;
• The water supply should BE interrupted from the stop valve;
• The pipes should BE drained;
• All hoses should BE removed.

It is best for outdoor taps to be insulated using materials that do not absorb moisture and cannot freeze.

Water meter shafts in the properties will also have to be prepared for the winter through placing inside them sacks filled with sawdust, and the lid has to be wooden and well insulated.

We are reminding you that the protection of the water meter node against freezing is the customer’s obligation. Regardless of where the revenue meter is located – in parts of the condominium, the water meter shaft, or in other premises, where it has been installed it should not be allowed for the temperature to drop below zero. If such conditions are not present, it should be well insulated.

For the purpose of protecting the water supply installations from freezing the following should be done:

• draining of the installation /pipes/;
• checking the proper operation of the stop valves;
• ensuring, if possible, for the water meter to be in a premise, where the temperatures do not fall below zero degrees, else it should be well insulated;
• preparing for the winter of the water meter shafts by insulating them well;
• interrupting the water supply to all outdoor taps;
• removing all hoses.

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