More and more Sofia residents drink potable water regularly

22 December 2018

The traditional annual survey carried out by Alpha Research for Sofiyska Voda shows that the most important and highly appreciated aspects of the work of the company are the potable water quality and water supply continuity.   

The enhancement of the quality of the services provided by the company has been confirmed during the year by the significant increase in the number of the customers, who are satisfied with the services provided by Sofiyska Voda. Their proportion is 86% of the respondents (which is 15% more in comparison with the previous year).

The survey has also found out an increase in the satisfaction of the customers with the water quality. 73% of them are satisfied with it (as compared to 66% in 2017). 73% of Sofia residents drink tap water, which is by 3% more in comparison with the previous year.

Sofia residents become more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection. This is evident from the increased proportion of company customers who try to save water. These are 73% of all customers of Sofiyska Voda. Besides limiting the consumption, more and more people replace their household appliances with more water-efficient ones.         

The assessment of the decreasing number of the failures has been considered as a positive trend. The satisfaction of the customers with the water pressure is also high.

The customers of Sofiyska Voda state notice that the time, within which the company teams respond reaxt to signals and repair the failures on the WSS network, has been reduced twice.

The Company’s efforts to provide direct, comprehensive and timely information, as well as the offered online services, are much appreciated by the customers. The proportion of people who have been informed in advance for the temporary water supply interruptions has increased twice. This year they have reached 79%. Almost half of the customers are aware that the company publishes on a regular basis analyses of the water quality on its website, and one out of every four respondents has viewed them.

On the official webpage of Sofiyska Voda the customers have searched mainly information about the water supply interruptions (52%), bills (36%), but also data for readings, consumption and payments (24-26%). Most frequently they submitted their water meter readings, sent inquiries and complaints online (30%), and paid invoices (26%).

The customers who have used Sofiyska Voda’s toll-free 24/7 phone number 0800 12 121 have increased by 5%. The reasons for the contacts with the company via phone are various – self-reading of the water meters (27%), information about a leak/ failure (16%), request for further information (16%), request for service (16%), etc.

Visits to customer service centers were primarily for paying the bill (88%), but also to ask various questions related to the company's activity (17%) or to request services, including technical ones (16%).

Customers share that they are satisfied with the information provided to them through the communication channels of the company. Sofiyska Voda is still the top-rated provider of utility services in the capital.

The survey was carried out by Alpha research; 804 people aged between 18 and 61+, living on the territory of the Municipality of Sofia, participated in it.

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