Record investments, excellent water

21 December 2018

Interview of Vasil Trenev - Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda for Manager Magazine

Mr. Trenev, Sofia grows but does not age – how does our capital’s motto correspond to the growth and development of Sofiyska Voda?
- We, the team of Sofiyska Voda, provide services to all residents and guests of the capital. With the development of the city, the number of the consumers, the challenges and responsibilities for us increase. I can proudly state that we achieve outstanding successes – the drinking water quality in Sofia is among the best in Europe, i.e. we ensure the possibility for nearly 1.5 million people of drinking really excellent water. 2018 is the year with a record growth of the investments on our behalf in the water cycle of Sofia.

What are the investments for 2018 and what are your plans?
Sofiyska Voda is the only WSS operator in Bulgaria investing on a large scale. In 2018 the investment program was at the amount of 51.7 M BGN, which is by 6 M BGN higher than in 2017. We managed to implement projects extremely important for Sofia – the construction of the main sewer branch II in Simeonovo r.q., a new section of the separate sewerage of Benkovski r.q., reconstruction of the sewers in the area of Graf Ignatiev St and Slaveykov square.  We have reconstructed or replaced nearly 40 km of water network. Our plan and ambition for 2019 are: large-scale projects for replacement of water pipelines with an investment of more than 10 M BGN, construction and reconstruction of sewers for more than 6 M BGN. Our work on the sewer network will be mainly in Moderno predgradie r.q., Benkovski r.q., Gorublyane r.q. and the central area of the city. A forthcoming project is the construction of a digester for 7,000 m3 of gas. Its implementation is a step to the achievement of one of our strategic goals – to turn the company into an energy independent one through the green energy production.

How do you measure the customers’ satisfaction and in terms of this indicator, what objectives have you set?
Every year we hold internal and external independent surveys for the customers’ satisfaction with the services we provide. The results from them show that 73% of our customers are satisfied with the water quality in Sofia. This indicator is extremely important and shows that our efforts bring results.

Which is the management approach, with which you would like the ensure the sustainable progress of the company?
We have three factors in our company for the achievement of a sustainable approach: maintenance of high level of the services, satisfied employees, and long-term stability in terms of the financial results. My objective is not only to ensure them, but also to be several steps ahead. I am happy that we can combine the achievements of the international Group Veolia with the Bulgarian expertize. I guarantee that here we really have excellent specialists, and it is not by accident that Sofia treatment plant is an example of circular economy worldwide. Therefore, I motivate and support our team not only to be professionals but also to be visionaries. And the customers of Sofiyska Voda should be aware that they can rely on us – today and in the years ahead.

Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, provides the water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment services on the territory of Municipality of Sofia. The company operates hundreds of facilities, more than 5,600 km of WSS network, and it has 1,137 employees of more than 170 specialties.

VASIL TRENEV has been Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda since June 2018, and previously - Deputy Executive Director since 2017. He held the same position in Toplofikatsia Sofia. He chose the challenges of the utility sector after many years in the bank sector as Executive Director of Municipal Bank.

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