With a New Service of Sofiyska Voda AD We Manage Our Consumption on Our Own

11 April 2019

As part of Veolia, Sofiyska Voda is the first WSS operator in Bulgaria to offer to its end customers the possibility to manage their water consumption at home in real time. It is part of the new digital services the company introduces in order to improve its customer servicing, increase the comfort and benefits to the customers and save their time.
The service is accessible through water meters with a remote reading module, which send data about the quantities of water passing at home on a daily basis to a special application, as the customer gets constant access to the application through his personal profile on the Sofiyska Voda website. Thus he may track and analyze his consumption and detect each deviation from his normal debit – for example the existence of leaks, unwanted or unlawful consumption etc.

So far the service - remote reading of water meters – has been accessible only to entire condominiums. Now separate end customers may track their consumption and manage it on their own. Meanwhile, they will save time, as well, because they will not need to wait for the meter readers to visit their homes.
In addition to “smart meters”, also the new electronic service “Change of Account Holder” saves time to the customers. So far that was done only in the customer service centers, but it may now be requested online, as well, through the company’s website. Thus customers gain not only time, but they may complete the procedure free of charge, quickly and easily, without visiting the company offices within the defined one-month term. The new service will promotionally be free of charge for those customers wishing to change the account holder by July 10, 2019.
The e-invoice service is also improved. Whereas so far that happened through a special platform, now each individual customer will get the invoice directly to his/her e-mail. Over 110,000 customers of the company currently use electronic invoice. With the implementation of the new option it is expected for their number to increase. This is convenient and reliable for the customers and will preserve the environment and resources.
“We use the new technologies in order to facilitate our customers to a maximum degree. We value their time, that is why we are making their servicing as easy as possible, fast and convenient. Through the water meters with remote reading they may always be aware with precision and manage their own water consumption in real time. The introduction of the digital services is part of our investment program”, commented Vasil Trenev, Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia.
Other than towards the expansion of the online services for customers, in 2019, the company will also invest a lot of funds towards the improvement of the WSS infrastructure in the capital, including the construction of new such. The total investments for the year amount to approximately 45.5 mln. BGN.

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