Sofiyska Voda Introduced a Customer Charter

05 July 2019

Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, is the first WSS operator in Bulgaria to adopt a Customer Charter.

With it the company takes the commitment to improve the quality of the services by exceeding the requirements set in the statutory base. The document is a summary of the company’s values and of concrete responsibilities to the customers.

Our 5 commitments are as follows:
-       To continue to supply potable water of excellent quality;
-       To be available to the customers 24/7;
-       To demonstrate understanding and solidarity with our customers; 
-       To ease to a maximum degree the contact with our customers;
-       and to care for environment together with the customers.

Specific deadlines have been set in the Charter, as, for example, responding to an emergency signal and to signals for deteriorated quality of the water within 2 hours; free-of-charge notification about planned and emergency interruptions of the water supply, replying to all customer letters within 8 days and all emails within 2 days.

Over the past two and a half years the company has implemented also a lot of innovations guaranteeing customer convenience, including free-of-charge 24-hour phone line, mobile customer service center, modern and functional new locations of the customer service centers. Along with it an application has been developed for monitoring the parameters of potable water in different regions of the Municipality of Sofia. 

In 2019 we launched the new service for management of the water consumption by the use of “smart water meters”.

“These are our services, going swimmingly, and I hope that this Charter will take our relations to a higher level” said Mrs. Gabriela Mercore, Commercial Director of Sofiyska Voda at the introduction of the Customer Charter before the journalists.

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