“Quench the Heat” with Sofiyska Voda!

25 July 2019

• Over 5000 citizens of Sofia and guests of our city drank water that was cooling and refreshing in the summer heat on Vitosha Blvd. and received detailed information about its qualities;
• “Quench the Heat” started in 2011.

This year, again, Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, was true to the summer tradition and deployed the familiar “Water persons” along Vitosha Blvd. within the “Quench the Heat” campaign. Thus over 5000 citizens of Sofia and guests of the capital drank pure and refreshing potable water and received detailed information about its qualities and indicators.

The three portable taps, made entirely using WSS materials and appearing as men, are connected to the fire hydrants, through which pure drinking water is running. It is naturally cool, which makes it even more attractive in the summer heat.

The idea about the water persons was conceived around 9 years ago during the hottest summer days – a few days in July, which according to the Bulgarian tradition are the hottest days of the year. Exactly in the sultry days it is extremely important to take enough water and pay special care to hydration. The water of Sofia, with its neutral to slightly alkaline 7.37 pH, contributes to a maximum degree to the cellular exchange, to the good tone and health. According to experts, the recommended quantity of water we have to drink in the summer is around 2L a day. And we must be extremely cautious, because when we feel thirsty, our body is already dehydrated.

Fortunately, our capital enjoys quality mountain water, but that does not clear Sofiyska Voda of its responsibilities to treat it and control it, so that it reaches people’s homes completely safe and with excellent characteristics.

Through the “Quench the Heat” campaign, Sofiyska Voda shows us what the water supply network under the streets and sidewalks of Sofia has been made of – 4000 km in total, hidden to our eyes. The water persons have been made of such materials and by people who ensure that we continuously get quality drinking water and sewerage to & from our homes and workplaces.

As time passed the concept of the campaign “Quench the Heat” became more environmentally-friendly. Unlike other years, when Sofiyska Voda has been distributing water in cups, with the appearance of the taps – little men – the need of using disposable materials is discarded.

While the Water persons were at the disposal of the citizens of Sofia and the guests of the city, the mobile laboratory of Sofiyska Voda showed on site the composition and the quality of the water running from the taps, as well as in all buildings of Sofia. Thus, anyone who desires, may test the excellent quality and the parameters of the vitally important liquid, which Sofiyska Voda supplies on a daily basis to over 1,400,000 people on the territory of the Municipality of Sofia.

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