An independent laboratory has confirmed: Potable water quality is excellent

22 August 2019

The independent accredited laboratory SGS conducted an extraordinary analysis of potable water in Sofia after treatment with Lubroflog19 coagulant. The results from the tested samples confirm the excellent water quality.

At the request of the Municipality of Sofia, Sofiyska Voda made additional tests in order to prove once again the guaranteed quality of the potable water in the city.

“The tests by the independent laboratory confirmed completely the data from our tests regarding water quality. With a great sense of responsibility, I state again that for us the safety and health of the people come first. We will continue conducting strict monitoring of the potable water in order to guarantee the peace of mind to Sofia residents. To remind, water in Sofia is excellent and its quality is one of the highest in Europe”, commented Vasil Trenev, Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda.

All products used for potable water treatment are monitored by the responsible institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria. Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate exerts independent control on water quality by making parallel independent analyses.

Every customer may check the current water quality on the website of Sofiyska Voda and monitor its physical and chemical and microbiological indicators in the different regions of the capital.

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