Sofiyska Voda with measures against the aggravated flu situation

11 March 2020

In regard to the registered coronavirus cases in the capital, Sofiyska Voda will make changes in its daily work in order to take extra care to protect the health of Sofiyska Voda’s customers and employees: 

- The working hours of the customer services centers (CSC) will be altered. From tomorrow (12.03.2020) their working hours will be as follows:
o CSC Business Park: from 08:00 h to 17:00 h (Monday - Friday) with 1-hour lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00 h during which disinfection of the premises will take place.
o CSC Mega Mall and CSC TSUM: from 09:00 h to 18.00 h (Monday - Friday) with 1-hour lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00 h during which disinfection of the premises will take place.
o CSC NAG and the Mobile Center will be temporarily closed.

- We would like to ask the customers to use the free phone line of Sofiyska Voda, the online service request forms on the company website and the known e-channels for communication. If possible, please visit the customer service centers only as a last resort.
- We would like to ask the customers, who cannot postpone their visit to the customer service centers, to wait in front of the office until they are invited by an employee of Sofiyska Voda.  

We remind that the customers can receive the following information on the free phone line of Sofiyska Voda: regions with suspended water supply; balance on customer accounts; submission of self-readings, period for submitting self-readings and meter reading schedules.
Through the Q&A platform on the Sofiyska Voda website the customers may also submit official complaints and they will be answered within one business day.

In connection with the recommended restricting of close physical contacts we would like to request the customers of Sofiyska Voda to use the following options for individual meter reading:
- Free phone line 0800 121 21;
- The Company website;
-  Note stuck to the entrance door of the property.
The note should contain the following information: 
-  Customer number;
-  Water meter number;
-  Location of the water meter – kitchen/bathroom/other;
-  Type of the water meter – hot, cold;
-  Meter readings.

Planned and emergency activities will not be cancelled to ensure continuity of the high-quality and reliable work of Sofiyska Voda. We would like to assure the citizens of the capital that the safety and quality of the water we supply to our customers is a top priority.
Sofiyska Voda would like to thank you for your understanding as these measures are intended to protect the customers and employees we are responsible for.
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