Sofiyska Voda cancels all scheduled meter readers’ visits to customers’ dwellings

16 March 2020

Sofiyska Voda suspends all planned and scheduled meter readers’ visits already announced at the entrance doors of the residential buildings until the end of the declared state of emergency. In conformity with the instructions of the institutions on limiting the physical contacts due to COVID-19, the company suspends the visits of its employees and contractors to the customers’ dwellings.

After the cancellation of the state of emergency, Sofiyska Voda will inform its customers for the new dates of the scheduled meter reading on the territory of Sofia. The company reminds that the customers may submit their self-readings through the website (directly in the Questions section or after registration, thus using a number of online services) or via the free 24/7 phone line 0800 1 21 21.

All customers who do not have the technical capacity to take self-readings will receive estimated bills based on their previous consumption. Sofiyska Voda will be prepared to make invoice adjustments with the registered difference in the next actual reading.

For the purpose of protecting the health of its employees and customers, Sofiyska Voda recommends that we use all available cashless payment options provided by the company through the Internet, ATMs and terminals, directly from the current account, by bank transfer to an account of Sofiyska Voda, or over the phone (e-pay, voice, A1 wallet).

In support of its customers, from March 16, 2020, to April 16, 2020, the company also provides a free opportunity for all customers to change an account online through the company’s website. During that period, customers will not be charged a fee for the service, while at the same time they will be spared the need to physically visit a customer service center.

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