Sofiyska Voda calls on its customers to take self-readings of their water meters and submit them during the extended state of emergency

09 April 2020

Sofiyska Voda reminds all its customers that it continues to accept customers’ water meter self-readings after the decision extending the state of emergency. Thus the company guarantees the monthly readings for the use of WSS services without endangering customers and employees’ health and complying with the instructions of the institutions for limiting physical contacts. 

What is important to know to allow your data registration in the system?
- the readings of the water meters can be registered and processed only if they are submitted within the reading period. Information about the reading period can be obtained directly through customer’s personal profile
, from the invoice, via the free 24/7 phone number 0800 121 21 or through the contact form – Questions section where it is necessary to enter a customer number or address.    
- All customers unable to take and submit self-readings will receive estimated bills based on their previous consumption. After the next actual reading of the water meters Sofiyska Voda will be ready to adjust the invoices in accordance with the registered difference. 
- In order to ensure proper submission of the water meter readings, you need to state only the serial number of the water meter and/or the seal number and its reading: only the numbers for the cubic meters (they are usually the biggest numbers in black, without the three red numbers if there are any or the additional smaller numbers on the dial).
In order to protect its employees and customers’ health, Sofiyska Voda would like once again to recommend the use of all options for non-cash payment methods provided by the company via internet, ATM and POS terminals, direct debit, by bank transfer or via phone (e-pay, voice, A1 wallet).

What else can be done online and what additional services are accessible at present?

-       Change of the account via the company website
. In the period until April 16th, 2020 the online service will be free also for those customers who have missed the statutory 30-day period to do that after they have changed their address
-       Design services

-       Technical services with preliminary consultation and pre-arranged visit with fixed hour to the customer service center .

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