New: Sofiyska Voda already sends invoices also via EasyPay

06 November 2020

An original invoice issued by Sofiyska Voda can already be obtained at each cash desk of EasyPay in Sofia as of the beginning of November.
In order to use this service, the customers have to request it in any of the EasyPay offices or through any of Sofiyska Voda’s communication channels – Customer Service Centers, Call Center, the email form or via the registered profile on the company website.

Customers may request an invoice from each EasyPay cash desk by filling in an application form, after which to receive it from the most convenient one. The only condition is for the customer to have an unpaid bill. After he/she requests the receipt of an invoice through EasyPay, in the next visit the customer may also get the actual hard-copy invoice. Receipt of invoices for several addresses could also be requested.

The service is for an indefinite period of time and it is not necessary to be periodically renewed, until the customer opts for a different way of receiving an invoice.
The delivery of invoices via EasyPay is part of the constant efforts of Sofiyska Voda to facilitate and save time to those of its customers, who prefer to receive a paper invoice and pay their bills in cash.
An increasing number of customers choose the fastest and easiest access to their invoices through a subscription for an e-invoice. The service is free and provides an electronic version of the original monthly invoice with e-signature and full validity before the state institutions. Both services are available through the personal profile of the customer after a preliminary registration on the website of Sofiyska Voda.

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