Increased trust in Sofiyska Voda in 2020

04 March 2021

79% of Sofia residents choose to quench their thirst with drinking water and appreciate very much its high quality

In 2020 the upward trend in customer satisfaction with the services of Sofiyskla Voda, operated by Veolia, continued. That becomes clear from the annual sociological survey of Alpha Research agency*, conducted at the end of 2020.

Several indicators stand out in the survey, which prove the positive customers’ attitude towards the company.

80% of the respondents are satisfied and very satisfied with the potable water quality, as the percentage of those “very satisfied” has increased by 10% in comparison with 2019.

The percentage of the citizens who consume tap water (79%) every day (76%) continues to rise steadily over the years.

The firm satisfaction with the Customer Service Centers also remains high – 50% of the respondents are completely satisfied, and 40% are somewhat satisfied, and a total of 91% expressed positive overall impressions. Similar are the results concerning the work of the 24/7 Call Center of Sofiyska Voda – 42% of the respondents are completely satisfied and 48% are somewhat satisfied (90% in total).

The rate of approval of the water meter reading system is also high, as an increase is also reported and it reaches 87-88%.

A large part of the results in the survey has been influenced by the epidemic situation in Sofia last year. Despite the particular circumstances in which the company operated in 2020, there is high appraisal of the supplied services and the attitude of the Sofiyska Voda’s employees during the pandemic. 19% of the respondents express their fully positive impressions, 53% have somewhat positive impressions, and 25% of them cannot form an opinion.

Sofiyska Voda highly appreciates and carefully monitors customers’ feedback about its work. Such representative sociological survey allows the company to improve its activity on a daily basis, taking into consideration dissatisfaction, recommendations and remarks of its customers.

*The quantitative survey of Alpha Research was conducted in the period November 16 – December 10, 2020. The target group is formed by customers of Sofiyska Voda. The method is a face-to-face interview in the respondents’ homes. 800 members of households, who pay water bills, were inquired. 

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