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Sofiyska Voda provides services within the territory of the state capital city – economical and administrative center of Bulgaria. We provide services to more than 1,5 million people.

Our task is to maintain, operate and develop the water and sewerage system of Sofia city following the best engineering practices caring of the customers. That is why we are permanently investing for the benefit of the city.

Water Sources

Beli Iskar dam
Volume: 15 080 000 m3, ensure about 20% of the water consumption of the city. This is one of the highest mountain dams in Europe.
Iska dam (under the operation of NEC)
Volume: 673 000 000 m3, ensure about 80% of the water consumption of the city. This is the biggest dam in the country.
Water catchments and reservoirs
Ensure less than 1% of the water consumption of the city. We take water from the mountains of Vitosha, Liulin, Plana and Stara Planina

We invest in the city:

  • High quality water supply service complied with the EU standards
  • Stable and secure water supply for Sofia
  • High quality of drinking water
  • Well developed water supply infrastructure
  • Minimization of the water losses
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