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Sofiyska Voda implements a scheme to encourage the accomplishments of its employees. It was created with idea to award the personal achievements. The Golden stars are selected every year from all various nominations from the different units within the company. Nominations for employees are divided into categories corresponding to the five values of the company: RESPONSIBILITY, SOLIDARITY, RESPECT, INNOVATION and CUSTOMER ORIENTATION.
Each year, Sofiyska Voda awards 5 Gold Stars. In this way, the company demonstrates its appreciation of the importance of each employee's individual contribution to the overall success of the team.



Eng. Nikolay ParaskevovChief Engineer “Sewer Network”

Nikolay Paraskevov graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, majoring in Water Supply and Sewerage. He joined Sofiyska Voda in 2013 as a trainee in the Sewerage Department. After ending the internship Nikolay remained part of the team as a Junior Technical Engineer. He passed successively through the positions Technical Engineer and Senior Technical Engineer. He also performs CCTV surveys of the sewer network. Nikolay Paraskevov has been Chief Engineer “Sewer Network” at the company since the end of 2019.

Kristina DonevaSenior Specialist in the Procurement Department

Kristina Doneva studied at the High School of Mathematics and Science in Dimitrovgrad and later graduated from VUZF, majoring in Finance. She started working for Sofiyska Voda in 2013, when she was still a student, at the position Junior Fixed Assets Accountant and after that as a Fixed Assets Accountant in the Finance Department. Along with her working at the company, Kristina consecutively received Master’s Degrees in Financial Management and Immovable Asset Management from the University of National and World Economy. After a short interruption she currently occupies the position Senior Specialist in the Procurement Department. “That what I like about Sofiyska Voda is the opportunity to develop and the chance to learn new things and upgrade.”

Seniha Velisha Laboratory Testing Complex

In 2014 Seniha started working as a Biologist intern at the Laboratory Testing Complex of Sofiyska Voda. In the fall of the same year Seniha accepted to remain permanently at the position Laboratory Specialist – Biologist in the Potable Water Sector of LTC, and three years later in charge of the Biology Unit. Seniha Velisha graduated from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Biology, majoring in Biotechnologies. She has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Biotechnologies.

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