Internship Programme

Each year Sofiyska Voda conducts an analysis of the need of interns in the various company departments and selects students though contact with the universities or the career forums. Students from all universities in the country take place in “Challenge the Future”; they need to be at least third year students in a bachelor or master programme or recent graduates without any or with minimum experience. The duration of the internship varies depending on the duties in the relevant departments of the company. During the practical training at Sofiyska Voda, the interns are taken care of by more experienced employees – the so-called mentors, who are also trained about the role they perform.

Sofiyska Voda is one of the first employers who have concluded a partnership agreement with the universities. The Company has maintained a long-standing partnership with the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy and University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy. For most of their production and educational practical courses, these universities use the company sites, and the would-be graduates have the possibility of consulting the most experienced specialists in the sector.

Intern positions

  • There are no intern positions at this moment

Internship Programme

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