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On World Environment Day we placed 9 new bird houses and feeders, as well as insect hotels

05 June 2020

Today, on World Environment Day, we placed 6 new bird houses, 3 feeders and 2 insect hotels on the territory of Bistritsa Potable Water Treatment Plant. The initiative is part of the daily care of Sofiyska Voda for the preservation of the biodiversity on its sites. The painful subject of biodiversity today is also the main accent in the celebration of the World Environment Day.

All customer service centers of Sofiyska Voda will return to their normal business hours

13 May 2020

From May 19th Sofiyska Voda restores the normal business hours of all of its customer service centers and restores its normal course of work and cancels the condition for the customers to make a preliminary appointment for their visits, introduced during the state of emergency. The company will again provide its full package of technical services but only with the option for the ordinary service order. The cash desks of the customer service centers will be also open for payments in cash.

Change in the deadlines of the issued prescriptions

30 April 2020

In the context of extended state of emergency, Sofiyska Voda has extended for a further one month (30 calendar days) the deadline for the fulfilment of all prescriptions issued so far, for which it has not expired yet

Sofiyska Voda calls on its customers to take self-readings of their water meters and submit them during the extended state of emergency

09 April 2020

Sofiyska Voda reminds all its customers that it continues to accept customers’ water meter self-readings after the decision extending the state of emergency. Thus the company guarantees the monthly readings for the use of WSS services without endangering customers and employees’ health and complying with the instructions of the institutions for limiting physical contacts

The design WSS services – accessible online

31 March 2020

Sofiyska Voda AD has developed new flexible options to provide design services for water and sewer service connections, street water mains and sewers, as well as temporary traffic organization and safety. They are already remotely accessible as well.
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