Drop and Droplet

Travel with Drop and DropletThis tale is real. There are no princes, princesses and castles in it. Our heroes, Drop and Droplet, invite you to join a jolly journey in the water cycle. When you get to the end of this journey, you will know that the trip is to start all over again.

And this way again and again...

Water never stops moving. Rain and snow fall on the ground from the clouds, water drains down to the rivers and in the end reaches the seas and oceans. From there, heated by the sun, countless Drops and Droplets pass into the air as water vapours. The vapour forms clouds. And from the clouds, the drops fall again on the ground…

And do not forget that water is precious – we have to use it very sparingly and take good care of it, in order to have it forever.

Travel with Drop and Droplet!
The journey begins!
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