Ecology and Society

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 Environmental protection is essential for all of us and Sofiyska Voda has a responsible approach to this obligation. Our aim is to actively cooperate with the people we service and to protect the environment we depend on for performing our core activities.

Our water resources strategy is based on a balanced approach. We combine the sustainable development idea with consumption management.

Consumption management involves control of the losses along the water supply network, accurate metering of water quantities, as well as encouraging customers to use water sensibly. The aim is to restrict the continuously growing water consumption.

In order to direct public attention to the effective use of the natural resource, we created educational programme. By means of it, we build a responsible attitude to water in young children and students of various ages.

We direct their attention to this topic by presenting the water cycle in nature and the role people have for preserving the ecological balance. In order to create permanent habits regarding water preservation and environmental protection, we give them the opportunity to witness the complex processes through which water passes until it is clean and reached our homes, as well as wastewater treatment before bringing it back into the nature.

The educational programme includes treatment site visits, a play about the water cycle, a cartoon “Traveling with Drop and Droplet”, participation and assistance in other educational and environmental initiatives.
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