Язовир ИскърSofiyska Voda provides high quality, sustainable and environment friendly WSS services that ensure not only good customer service but also environment protection and ecological improvement.

Our activity affects the environment and therefore we commit ourselves to:

 - effectively preserving and protecting it from pollution; 
 - working in compliance with the laws, ordinances and standards on environmental protection; 
 - effectively and efficiently using natural resources, incl. energy for the sake of their preservation.

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In 2006 Sofiyska Voda made its policy on environmental protection and reports its achievements in this field by means of annual ecological reports. In these reports we identify real and potential influences to the environment caused by our activity and if necessary we also indicate measures for their avoidance and reduction.

Sofiyska Voda has a Certificate in Environmental Management under the international standard ISO 14001:2005. Every year the company passes successfully external control audits, carried out by an independent certifying body.

The introducing and the supporting of an environmental management system ensures the passing of continuous process which reduces the level of risk pollution and other unfavorable  environmental impacts, the effective use of the resources to enhance the Company’s activities and to create a positive image of Sofiyska Voda among the society, the regulator and the control bodies, all stakeholders.


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EMAS Registration Certificate (PDF, 80 KB) EMAS Registration Certificate


Публикуван: 12 март 2020

Policy and management commitment on quality of Service, Health and Safety (PDF, 95 KB) Policy and management commitment on quality of Service, Health and Safety


Публикуван: 14 февруари 2020

Declaration of scope of Environmental management system (PDF, 357 KB) Declaration of scope of Environmental management system


Публикуван: 01 ноември 2017

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