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  • How is the bill for water formed?
    The water bill for domestic customers is formed in two ways: by the indications of the water meters or on the base of inhabitants’ number. When they have water meters installed on each water deviation (standpipe) in the house and they are registered in the data base of “Sofiyska voda” AD, after they are legalized, the bill is formed according to what meters indicate. Our meter reader reports the indications of the water meters each three months. In the two medium months monthly is billed an average water consumption based on the average consumption of the household for previous period. After the quarterly actual meter reading, the bill is leveled according to the real water consumption in the property. The general (incoming) water meters of the buildings are read each month. As an exception it is allowed for users, which have no water meters installed on each standpipe or there are such, which are not legalized with plastic seal and which are not registered in the data base of the company, the bill for water is formed on the base of the inhabitants’ number. According clause 39, paragraph 5, and point 1 of Ordinance №4 the monthly base for one inhabitant is 6 cubic meters, when the house has a healing installation, and 5 cubic meters, when the house has no healing installation. In block of flats where is registered some difference between the indicated quantity water of the general water meter and the sum of the consumption in the detached properties (the consumption of the individual water meters and the indicated base of the inhabitants’ number) for the balance-sheet values’ period between two actual readings, to the individual expense is added the respective quantity to the “common usage”.
  • How is the quantity “common usage” defined?
  • How to pay the water bills?

Protect the personal data

  • How does Sofiyska Voda protect the personal data which I provide through this website and what does it use them for?

Unauthorized water consumption (commercial water losses)

  • What are the commercial water losses?
  • What consumption is deemed to be unauthorized (illegal)?
  • Types of illegal connections
  • What penalties are envisaged by law in the various cases?

Water Quality

  • Why is sometimes the water running from the taps white?
  • Why is it possible that water smells of chlorine?
  • How can the internal WSS network deteriorate water quality?
  • How is potable water quality monitored in Sofia?

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