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  • How is the bill for water formed?
  • How is the quantity “common usage” defined?
    With difference between the indication of the general water meter and the sum of the consumption in the detached properties (the consumption of the individual water meters and the indicated base of the inhabitants’ number) for the three months, according to clause 39, paragraph 4 of Ordinance №4, the same is allocated among the households according to the individual consumption of each property. “Sofiyska voda” AD reads monthly the indications of the general (incoming) water meter in the building, which is installed on the building’s water house connection and which shows the whole quantity used water by the customers. The individual water meters are read on each three months. The quantity “common usage” is included in your water bill only once in each three months, i.e. after the actual meter reading of all water meters. In this way during the first two months you receive invoices without “common usage” included, and on the third month it will be allocated among the households and respectively – included in your invoice. The quantity “common usage” may be caused by different reasons, as an example: the inner W&S installation of the building is not in a good technical shape and there are detected slight leakages; there are no legalized individual water meters installed in each property and the consumption there is defined according to the inhabitants’ number (which doesn’t affect to the actual consumption); for some of the water meters have past 5 years from the previous metrological check-up, which can affect the precision of the measuring.
  • How to pay the water bills?

Protect the personal data

  • How does Sofiyska Voda protect the personal data which I provide through this website and what does it use them for?

Unauthorized water consumption (commercial water losses)

  • What are the commercial water losses?
  • What consumption is deemed to be unauthorized (illegal)?
  • Types of illegal connections
  • What penalties are envisaged by law in the various cases?

Water Quality

  • Why is sometimes the water running from the taps white?
  • Why is it possible that water smells of chlorine?
  • How can the internal WSS network deteriorate water quality?
  • How is potable water quality monitored in Sofia?

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