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My bill

  • How is the bill for water formed?
  • How is the quantity “common usage” defined?
  • How to pay the water bills?
    “Sofiyska voda” AD gives an opportunity to pay the debts for water by partial payments and not necessarily covering the whole month bill. In this way you can define the size of the month payments by yourself, as we inform you in your invoice that for the rest of the debt will be included month interest. If you have bigger unpaid debts, the titular of the account or an authorized by him person can conclude an agreement for payment by installments. The original installment is 30% of the whole debt for physical person and 50% for juridical person. The rest of the debt is spaced out to the contractual date without deficit of the month interest. Except for the defined month installments covering the debt of the concluded agreement, it must be also paid off the current bills. For information about all payment methods please visit our Service Centres  or call (+359) 800 121 21.

Protect the personal data

  • How does Sofiyska Voda protect the personal data which I provide through this website and what does it use them for?

Unauthorized water consumption (commercial water losses)

  • What are the commercial water losses?
  • What consumption is deemed to be unauthorized (illegal)?
  • Types of illegal connections
  • What penalties are envisaged by law in the various cases?

Water Quality

  • Why is sometimes the water running from the taps white?
  • Why is it possible that water smells of chlorine?
  • How can the internal WSS network deteriorate water quality?
  • How is potable water quality monitored in Sofia?

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