Opening an individual customer account

If you live in a condominium where water consumption is read only by a revenue (common) water meter, and you want to transfer to individual meter reading and payment of the water consumed by you, you can request the opening of an individual customer account.    

The decision for this has to be taken by the general meeting of the condominium. 

A mandatory prerequisite for the individual reading of the consumption in each separate property in the condominium is to have installed and sealed water meters that meet the requirements of the  Law on Measurements ( see all requirements for water meters).
The transition to individual customer accounts is possible when the debts on the account of the revenue meter or the due sum distributed between the owners as stated in a decision of the general meeting have been paid.  

The procedure for opening a customer account starts with the submission of an application at a Customer Service Center of Sofiyska Voda. 
The submitted application for opening individual customer accounts is registered with a date and incoming Ref. No. 

Within 10 working days you will receive a message in writing for the date of the first reading of the individual water meters. Prior to the visit, an announcement will also be placed in the building for the coming water meter reading. 
30 days after the first meter reading, a second inspection is made of the readings of the water meters. Only after it, individual bills are issued on the basis of the water volumes used in the separate properties in the period between the first and the second reading of the water meters. 

With respect to the period from the submission of the application for opening customer accounts until the first reading of the individual water meters, the last bill on the account of the revenue meter is issued. 

The value of this bill is distributed between the separate owners and the exact distribution depends on a decision of the general meeting of the condominium.

Necessary documents:
  • Filled out application  for opening individual customer accounts; 
  • Filled out notification;
  • A decision of the general meeting of the condominium for opening individual accounts, demonstrated with a signed Protocol on the meeting. It must contain the date of the meeting; the number of the separate properties - apartments, garages, studios and others, for each entrance separately; the number of the people who attended the general meeting; date, etc.; 
  • When there is a decision of the general meeting of the condominium for distribution of the sum due between the owners (at the time when the decision was taken), it is necessary to provide a list that must contain the flat number, the name of the owner, the distributed sum and signature; 
  • Filled out information sheet (Appendix No 1).

An application is submitted for each property supplied with water. 
About tenants/ property users

  • If the owner of a property agrees his/her tenant/ user to be the holder of the individual account, the owner must indicate this by enclosing also a Declaration (Appendix No 3) to the data in the information sheet. 
  • About co-owned property
  • Co-owners should declare that they agree the person specified by them to be holder of the customer account and show this by enclosing a filled out Declaration (Appendix No 4) to the information sheet. 

By filling out the information sheet, it is considered that consent is granted to store, process and submit the specified personal data to third parties in connection with the provided services for water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. 

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