On the way to Sofiyska Voda’s full energy neutrality

Sofiyska Voda, part of Veolia, sets itself the ambitious objective for 100%...

Podcast Na Х 2 vodi: The Sofia water in reports

Lyubomir Filipov, Strategic Partnerships and Regulation Director, answers the questions

The water in Sofia beneath the street – the second episode of the podcast of Sofiyska Voda

The repair activities of Sofiyska Voda are not only one of the most serious...

“Na Х 2 VODI” – Sofiyska Voda’s podcast starts

We will present to you everything for water quality in Sofia in the first episode

How are the so-called “common needs” calculated in the water bill?

Sofiyska Voda answers the questions concerning this part of our bill

How to understand your water bill?

Sofiyska Voda explains all invoice items

Sofiyska Voda provides a few options for the submission of self-read meter information

We can submit our meter readings via a mobile app, website or by phone for less than 3 minutes

Sofiyska Voda with a record investment program and digital innovations in 2022

The biggest investments for the last 12 years have been planned for this...

Sofiyska Voda invests in digital and sustainable future

The company operated by Veolia for 10 years already works to protect the natural resources and modernize the network