Consumption survey


Water consumption survey on a national level


Sofiyska Voda“ AD launches a long-term research project together with the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. The project aims at measuring the actual water consumption in residential and public buildings within the MoS area. The main reason for this project is that the acting norms in this field are more than 40 years old, as for this period the way of life and the people’s habits have changed drastically– not only in Sofia, but globally as well. The exact data for water consumption will help for the correct designing, planning and operation of WSS systems. 

The consumption survey is connected with multiple readings only of the revenue/common water meters, without the individual ones. The readings will be taken with electronic recording devices - loggers. Each reading will be at least 1 week long. The devices at many sites will be read several times during the period of the project. The data will be received in digital format, so that they can be analyzed and summarized.
The University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy is a partner in this survey, namely in its analytical part, which will guarantee the necessary academic competence and objectivity of processing, analysis and conclusions from the readings.
The project started in April 2018 and has a duration of 3 years in order to provide the necessary representative statistical data about the tendencies and irregularities in the consumption.

  • For the readings to be accurate, apart from the digital data, information about the number of residents in the condominium, the parameters of the internal WSS installations and the purpose of the specific building (residential buildings, offices, production buildings, public service buildings etc.)


  • „Sofiyska Voda“ will guarantee the protection of personal data under the PDPA.


  • You can get more information by calling the free number 0800 121 21.