As a leader in the provision of water supply and sewerage services, Sofiyska Voda AD is aiming at continuous improvement of the provided services and believes that integrity, honesty and fairness are key values, which must be respected in all business activities of the company. 
The company is committed to providing quality services, respecting these core values, by planning and taking action to protect the environment, ensure the health and safety of employees, customers, business partners and the community.
The implementation of the commitments is a primary goal of the management as well as individual and collective responsibility of all employees and it will be proactively communicated in and out of the company. For this purpose, Sofiyska Voda AD shall:

●    Provide continuous and quality water supply and sewerage services by respecting the applicable laws, ordinances, directives, company’s requirements and all commitments to the stakeholders regarding quality, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency, energy use and consumption, and anti-corruption;
●    Continuously increase customer satisfaction with the provided water supply and sewerage services;
●    Encourage the responsible consumption of water and frugal and sustainable use of all natural resources by integrating the principles of “circular economy”;
●    Regularly review and continuously improve its actions through maintaining management systems, setting objectives and achieving planned results; 
●    Commit to continuous improvement of quality performance, environmental protection, provision of healthy and safe working conditions, fight against corruption, and continuous improvement of the energy parameters of the company; 
●    Commit to ensuring the necessary information and resources for achievement of the general and specific energy objectives of the company; 
●    Take actions for implementation of principles that aim at unconditional observation of the commitment to counteract any form of corruption or similar with or equivalent to fraudulent behavior;
●    Provide safe working conditions to all employees and visitors at all sites of Sofiyska Voda and prevent work-related injuries and diseases;

●    Provide services respecting the agreed terms by provision of equality amongst all employees, visitors and business partners with the aim not to allow any repression and discriminatory treatment;
●    Effectively and efficiently manage at health and safety risks and the environmental aspects, undesirable impacts and aim at preventing any harmful effects on human health and the environment; preventing any harmful effects on human health and the environment;

●    Train, consult, inform and motivate its employees to actively participate in the quality, safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient implementation of their obligations in compliance with the company values;
●    Promote the participation of all employees and business partners in whistleblowing of suspicions based on reasonable doubt for alleged and/or proved corruption whilst providing them protection against repression, discrimination or any sanctions; 
●    Establish effective communication for understanding the needs, requirements and expectations of the stakeholders;
●    Take action to enhance awareness, understanding and culture of our employees and business partners by organizing communication campaigns, trainings and meetings on the importance of the implementation of the current policy and the efficiency of the Integrated Management System;
●    Encourage the adoption of similar principles by the contractors, suppliers and business partners;
●    Provide this policy to all stakeholders and the public;
●    Provide the necessary conditions and resources for implementation of the commitments, including for setting up an independent unit for combating corruption which will provide oversight, advice and guidelines to the personnel and report on the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System;
●    Support the purchase of energy efficient products and services that impact the energy parameters of the company; 
●    Support the design activities for improvement of the energy parameters of the company. 
        The management of Sofiyska Voda recognizes that failing to implement the commitments set out herein will result in failure to achieve the company’s objectives.