Customer Loyalty Program of Sofiyska Voda AD

Sofiyska Voda operated by Veolia thanks its loyal customers (natural and legal persons):

 - Every month 50 customers who have no outstanding debts to Sofiyska Voda receive 5% discount on their bills for WSS services for the next month.   

 - At the end of the year 50 loyal customers, who have paid their water bills in a timely manner over the last 12 months, receive 10% discount on the water bills for the next six months.

All customers who have no debts are automatically included in the program regardless of their payment method. A customer who pays regularly his/her bills in a certain period of time is a customer who has paid every invoice issued within the period by the 30-day deadline.     

The winners are selected on a random basis in the presence of a notary at the beginning of the respective month.

The discount is automatically deducted from the bills of the customers and no further action is expected from them. Sofiyska Voda informs through a letter all customers who have won a discount on their invoices.

Customers – winners, who receive 5% discount for 1 month

Customers – winners, who receive 10% discount for 6 months