Deferred Payment Agreement

If you have accumulated debts and cannot repay them within a short period of time, Sofiyska Voda offers a deferred payment agreement. An individual approach is applied to each client when its conditions are negotiated; depending on the ability to pay the deadline for repayment of the debt is determined as well as the size of the monthly installments. 
In signing a deferred payment agreement and compliance with its provisions, the company will not take any additional actions towards collecting the debt. 

Terms of the Agreement:

  • The agreement is concluded with the account holder or a person authorized thereby. 
  • On the account of a condominium, the agreement is concluded by a person authorized by the condominium, as it is mandatory for the authorization to be certified with a document.  
  • An agreement may be concluded for outstanding debts exceeding BGN 200 for a period over 2 months. 
  • The established practice is for deferral of the debts to be up to 6 (six) months for legal entities and up to 12 (twelve) months for natural persons, as the initial installment as per the agreement for natural persons is 30%, and for legal entities – 50% of the amount due. 
  • From the date of conclusion of the agreement no interest is accrued on the debt provided that the installments are paid within the designated monthly installment payment deadlines.
  • The new invoices are paid in accordance with the specified payment deadlines. 
  • A deferred payment agreement may be requested through a visit to your home by representatives of Sofiyska Voda – Debt Collection intermediaries.

Company representatives identify themselves with an official card and a power of attorney. When a payment is made, a cash receipt must be issued with the Sofiyska Voda AD logo.
You may find information about their authorizations on our free phone line 0800 121 21.

You may request an agreement online as well

We offer an easy and convenient way to conclude a deferred payment agreement online.
To state your willingness to conclude a deferred payment agreement online, it is necessary to fill in the form on our webpage "Questions", as in the field “Subject” choose “Payments”. Within two business days our colleague will contact you for negotiating the terms and conditions of the agreement. 
The agreement with the negotiated terms will be sent to the email address specified by you. 
Important! The Agreement enters into force subject to the following mandatory conditions being fulfilled: 

  • Confirmation of agreement with the negotiated terms and conditions sent by email. 
  • A copy of the agreement signed by you – sent back scanned by email or on paper by courier. 
  • Payment of the initial installment within two business days of the date of the agreement. 
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