Submission of Self-readings

In case you are unable to provide access to the meter readers to your property, you may read your water meters on your own and submit their readings.
In order for these self-readings to be registered in the billing system, you should submit them within two business days after the announced scheduled meter reading date.

The self-reading can be submitted also through our website if you have registration on Sofiyska Voda. Also, through your profile you can easily check the schedule with the fixed meter reading dates and submit your readings accordingly. You may submit the self-readings through the website every month on the days corresponding to the schedule.  

Necessary information

For the submission of the self-reading you need:

  • Customer number;
  • Phone to contact the customer who has submitted the self-reading;
  • Readings of all water meters at the property (in cubic meters) and the water meter numbers.
Options with request possibility